A Wanderer’s First Experiences in Madrid, Spain

I love to wander when I visit new places. Rather than having my eyes on a map, I just start to walk and take in everything in my new settings with my whole… Continue reading

The Rainbows of Traveling

Where do you see rainbows the most? I’m starting to learn that I see them the most when I am traveling. Even a family member, my tita Amalia who I’m named after, recently… Continue reading

Thanks for a Great 2013 Blog Year!

Even after a couple of years now of travel blogging, I have to admit that I still feel pretty new to it all. I take from this the excitement of learning and that… Continue reading

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    Many thanks to all of our followers, with a special shout-out this weekend to our Italian followers. Connecting with you here is like having the heart of Italia with us, wherever we are! We love Italy and can't wait to return for more visits later this year. 
Are you Italian? What country are you from?

@lavineriadisalnitro What do you think is going on in that cute little head of his? Swipe to the second picture and you'll probably agree with us...he's thinking 'What'ya looking at?' :) We've never been much into bird watching, but now we're noticing them much more when we travel, thanks to little feathery guys like this who live around our house. Do you bird watch when you travel? 
We've grown attached to the various birds around our house here in Denia. It started shortly after we moved here and when we were having coffee in the mornings. Yeah, they fly around of course, but we never expected how much they hop around on the ground or run quickly across the yard, their heads bobbing like a funny little toy. They're hilarious!

We've come to recognize them individually now and, as we do with all animals, we start to imagine what they're thinking and saying and how they would sound. It gives us a good laugh. They're probably listening to us and laughing even more. Happy Friday everyone! This is what we hope your weekend feels like (make sure to see the last photo). When in Valencia this past weekend, we went in search of a good gin and tonic. What is it anyways with Spain and their Gin and Tonics? We've discovered that a lot of places won't do the spices and it's simply your Gin of choice and then tonic water. In our case, we don't like tonic water, so we asked for 'agua con gas' (sparkling water) and a wedge of lime. Much better! We also prefer to mix it ourselves if spices are not included. What's your style of Gin and Tonic and where have you had the best ones? 
Roaming around the historic center of the city, we landed at Cafe Sant Jaume in the Barrio Carmen. The patio seating was the iconic European cafe scene, canopied by trees newly full with spring leaves, and circled by a beautifully chaotic blend of people strolling along the bordering sidewalks and streets.

The gin and tonic was nothing spectacular, but the setting was great. We people watched, laughed (as you can see), and simple soaked in the lovely energy of Valencia. We love this city! Think back to a time when you received the support or help that you were needing and asking for...That's the feeling we're enjoying and celebrating now and we'd love you to help us share it with others. We've just heard that Amalia's mom received a donation from the team at @gofundme and their #GivesBackProgram. This greatly helps towards sending her and her latest series The Olive Women to this year's @florencebiennale for which she was invited to attend. 
Share in our celebration by spreading the word about this campaign to everyone you know and consider joining in the joy of donating! To learn more about this opportunity and share it, click the link in our bio. Thank you everyone! This latest article honors one of our next favorite countries, Italy (click link in bio). While visiting the hidden treasure of the region of Abruzzo, Amalia was introduced to La Vineria di Salnitro, a restaurant specializing in wines, gourmet cuisine, and all things creative and peculiar. Meet owner Angelo and become magically enthralled with this amazing place of tastes, sounds and art that will transform how you see Italy... and perhaps life all together! @vineriadisalnitro A charming entrance in a little street of the historic center of Zaragoza, thanks to the trellising flowers and ancient stone wall. No wonder throughout Spain and Europe some places don't see the need for impressive signage or design - the natural enchantment of old and nature beckon one to come inside.
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