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Journey to the Countryside for Real Spain

The question I am hearing from people lately isĀ “Amalia, where have you experienced real Spain?”. My first thought, and what leads to my answer, is always of the small ancient villages of rural… Continue reading

A Wanderer’s First Experiences in Madrid, Spain

I love to wander when I visit new places. Rather than having my eyes on a map, I just start to walk and take in everything in my new settings with my whole… Continue reading

The Rainbows of Traveling

Where do you see rainbows the most? I’m starting to learn that I see them the most when I am traveling. Even a family member, my tita Amalia who I’m named after, recently… Continue reading

For the Love of Spain

I miss you Spain! I really do. I know, I know…I told you I would return and spend time with you in 2013. That obviously did not happen. Yet we both know, that… Continue reading