Spanish Food (Part 1) – Comida Espanola

What says more about a culture and people than food? I can think of a few things, but most of us who travel know that food certainly says a lot. While in Spain,… Continue reading

Spaniards Aren’t Shy to Sing

When was the last time you encountered people singing in your local bar? And I mean good singing. Not a band, not a performer, but your everyday locals that are loyal customers…just busting out… Continue reading

Taking Your Culture With You

Visiting a country is not the only way to learn about its Peoples and cultures. I learned this when I was returning from Spain last week and was fortunate enough to miss my… Continue reading

No Clouds in Spanish Skies

I feel that in order to really capture the essence of this trip to Spain, I want to share my experiences out of sequence. This has to do a lot with a lack… Continue reading