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I love travel and I love people. Growing up I was fortunate to have experiences traveling to the Dominican Republic where my mother was from and enjoying trips to western Pennsylvania where my father was from. Having extended family in both locations, I learned of people and their cultures through their homes, their relationships, foods, music, and history.

As I have become older and ventured out on my own travels, I’ve gone to school with my friend Anne in Germany, rented a flat in Barcelona near the beach and met with local small business owners, stayed with a host family in Scotland, and enjoyed Paris from my friend’s home two blocks from the Eiffel Tower.

My approach to life is to always keep people in mind as priority number one. I like to apply this to travel as well. Whether it is with your business and work, your relationships and personal life, or with yourself and your travel, taking a “people perspective” will only enrich our experiences and in that case, our lives. So happy reading and don’t forget to invite me and your other friends along. Open invitations to your part of the world are always welcomed!