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Guess What I Ate?

Last night I tried a few bites of something I have only heard of before. Living in Colorado for thirteen years now, I had heard about Rocky Mountain Oysters, but had never tried… Continue reading

A Sailor’s Haven in Puerto Bahia, Dominican Republic

Another wonderful location to visit in Samana, Dominican Republic, is the Puerto Bahia Marina and Residences. After a few days on the north-western part of the Samana Penninsula, my friends and family and… Continue reading

True Paradise in Samana, Dominican Republic

You know those pictures of palm trees leaning tall over dazzling turquoise waters? Perhaps you sneak peeks at these beach scenes in a magazine or online while at work in your office. The… Continue reading

A Traveler’s Drink for the Beach

I am enjoying the tropical paradise of the northern shore in the Dominican Republic. Samana has been one of my favorite beaches since I was child and would visit my mother’s family in… Continue reading

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    Enjoying for Christmas the full-on, Spanish tradition of the ‘paleta de jamón’ at mama’s house in Extremadura. Did you you know that in the world of jamón the paleta is the front leg of the pig and the pata is the back leg. Merry Christmas from Spain!!! Walking the ancient streets of this quaint, small village in Extremadura, we discover entryways to homes that are breathtaking and rich with history. Fregenal de la Sierra in Spain is full of old surprises. Enjoyed our first carriage ride through the center of Seville, earlier this week. Whoever tells you Seville in August isn't worth it cause of the heat, ignore them. The weather was great and cooler than Denia has been!

We haven't been posting as much but will try to catch up soon. Our recent visitor and good friend Jonty gifted us before he left with this awesome vintage globe lamp. What a treat! We just love it 😍. Traveling brings the most wonderful friends and people into our lives. Thanks Jonty! We love you 😘 Came across the Paella cook-off today in Denia on the Marques de Campo. This is definitely summer, Spanish-style! 😋 Doing a little hike today up to one of caves alongside Montgo - La Cova de l'Aigua. Just beautiful!
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