For a Local Beach Visit in Dominican Republic

Only a half hour drive from Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, is a beach called Boca Chica. There are tourists that visit there, but for the most part you can find that a lot of Dominicans enjoy a nice day at this beach as well. It’s a great one-day beach visit for people living in the capital city and its surrounding areas. The shallow waters formed by the bay are great for having children play in and the water has that gorgeous turquoise shade of tropical waters. There’s always a pleasant refreshing ocean breeze, which is the only thing that causes small waves on the otherwise glass-smooth surface.

Ever since I was little and would visit my mother’s family in the Dominican, I have been making visits to this beach. I still like how it is one of those beaches where the water is so clear and shallow, with no large waves. Palm trees cluster in a variety of tall and short statures, providing ideal little canopies of shade. While many hotels are located right along the shore, most of them are small, local hotels and their beachfront areas are open to the public as well. This means that visitors have access to rent chairs and enjoy bars and restaurants.

2013-08-01 17.28.06

Today, the ladies of the family enjoyed the last few hours of the day at Boca Chica. We ordered pescado frito (fried fish) with tostones (fried plantains) and went through quite a few bottles of Presidente cerveza, served bien fria, which literally translated means good and cold. It was a great relaxing time of laughter and stories, the kind that can only be enjoyed by three generations of Dominican women together.

2013-08-01 18.46.44

While Boca Chica is not one of my favorite beaches due to the view of the large commercial harbor in the distance, it is a great little spot to enjoy for a day visit that is conveniently close to the capital city. It also gives one a great immersion into the local culture and people. So remember this beach if you ever get to visit Santo Domingo and want to have some close-by local beach time.

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