Going with the Flow of Life

I did something this past Thursday that was so refreshingly spontaneous. My friend John had to run a work errand from where we were in Boulder up to Berthoud and I decided to ride along. But wait…this wasn’t the most spontaneous part of the story.

Colorado is already experiencing some pretty hot days. While I love that it’s not humid in this gorgeous state I love, there is a stifling intensity to the dry heat and the intensity of the sun can really bake you. As I’m sure we can all relate to, this heat is great when we’re relaxing in the shade with a lovely breeze or on a mountain lake in a boat or tubing down the Boulder creek, refreshed by its ice-cold run-off…yet for us at that moment, we were in John’s car and he likes to conserve and not run the air conditioning if he’s not on the freeway.

Maybe it was the heat getting to me and addling my brain just a bit, but I began to go down memory lane to images of skinny-dipping into Blue Lakes summers ago. At almost 10,000 feet, that lake stays intensely cold all year round. One jump in, which was always followed by a frantic screaming scramble-of-a-swim to shore back to shore, was enough to chill me out and have me cooled down for hours. Relaying this story to John, I ended by declaring, “We should find a creek to go jump in right now!” Being the adventurer that he is, John took hold of the idea and hatched a plan.

Turns out that we went just a bit further than Berthoud to Loveland where John knows of a great swimming hole to jump into in the Big Thompson River. Since we were in civilization and aware that others would be around, including local police,  simply improvised on the skinny dipping part of the plan…I wore his t-shirt that was long enough to have me adequately covered since I took off my jeans and he just wore his shorts.

Starting at a northern part of the river in town, we simply waded in and whew! With hoots and hollers we each got over the initial shock of cold and from there, simply went with the flow. The river was pretty shallow but deep enough for us to actually float on our backs and allow the current of the river carry us. There was such a delightful calmness to the speed of the current, with a few places of small rapids here and there, but not many. I definitely met with some rocks and boulders in a few places, yet no bruises were earned and I enjoyed relaxing more and more into the feeling of floating and looking up…it was a lovely picture of myriads of dancing green leaves hanging over me in a canopy against the backdrop of a brilliantly clear blue sky. The sun shinning through the leaves added that magical golden light to everything, dazzling my eyes and passing over me I continued to glide through the water.

The spontaneity of the experience was refreshing and energizing for me, just as the crisp cold water was relief from the heat and so cleansing. It was just, plain-out, a fantastic fun time. I was so glad that I acted on that impulse and that my friend was eager to do the same. It was making a choice to enjoy myself and treat myself. What a great way to spend the middle of a Thursday. What a great gift life is and that I get to create these moments for myself. I was so inspired from this little venture, that I’ve also written another post on my personal blog about the things I learned about myself and life while floating down that river. You can read about it by clicking here: Experiencing the Flow of Life

Here’s to embracing spontaneity and loving the flow of life!