Coffeehouse in the Shade!

2013-06-19 16.49.25Green, green green! When I visit the Dazbog Coffeehouse in my neighborhood, I am covered by a lovely canopy of green. It’s my favorite spot around to enjoy the shade, because I can read and write, get work done on my laptop, or meet with friends…all while savoring tasty drinks and treats. Sometimes I’m sipping slowly on deliciously, hot coffee early in the morning, when the new day’s air is chilly and crisp. Other times I’ll gulp down a refreshingly cold iced tea in the dry Colorado heat of the afternoon. Whenever it is, I sit outside within the magical overhang of those full, leafy branches that cover their front patio. This is the Dazbog Coffeehouse on 12th and Clayton in downtown Denver. It’s right on the border of the Capitol Hill and Congress Park neighborhoods. 

This coffeehouse is a great neighborhood spot because the people working there are wonderful and the location is prime for people to enjoy each other while enjoying coffee or tea. Their front patio is large, with plenty of wrought iron tables and chairs. The black rail fences are accented with hanging baskets of red flowers which compliment the overhead foliage. Green bushes and hanging ivy intermingle with the black metal fence, all-encompassing this little coffee-patio world of sun and shade.

If you like to be inside, do not fret! They have a nice indoor space with two large garage doors that open the front walls to those shady towering trees outside. If you love to go through coffee like I do (meaning you become hungry pretty soon) or you simply show up starving, you can munch on baked goods, like pumpkin or banana breads, some of which are even made gluten-free.

My neighborhood Dazbog Coffeehouse has become one of my favorite aspects of living in this part of Capitol Hill. I can ride my bike there or walk and when friends come who drive their car, it is easy to find free parking on the street or in their parking lot. Now that we’re learning about coffee being best grown in the shade, it makes sense to me that enjoying coffee is so delightful in the shade as well.

2013-06-19 16.48.38