A Home with No Limits – My Neighborhood

Traveling is more than leaving your home…it can still be enjoyed even within your own neighborhood still. For me, traveling means experiencing a new place and meeting new people. I tend to enjoy that even if it is just blocks from my home, like I write about in this post from my personal blog. Does this get you excited to “travel” everyday?


I like open spaces, especially in my house. It dawned on me today, that this is why I like to be out in my neighborhood so much…it’s an extension of my home. And what a lovely extension it is. There’s really no walls, there’s nice streets with bike lanes to ride safely in, sidewalks to walk on, trees blooming now with leaves and flowers, and quaint welcoming cafes and restaurants that provide another space for connecting with others. I’ve lived in a few different neighborhoods of downtown Denver in the dozen years that it’s been my home. At this time in my life, the lucky neighborhood to have me is Capitol Hill. Although truth is, the Congress park and Cheeseman Park neighborhoods get to share me as well since I’m right at the border of the two areas.

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