I had to share this because of two things: I love this woman and her family who I got to meet in Asturias this past year (her and her family’s heart for life and Spain) and I miss my Asturias, but through stories and pictures like this, I know it is still a part of me and me a part of it and I will be there again one day. As this post so eloquently presents, our sense of community can vary and I think can look different at different times and seasons in our lives. For me, I have a global sense of community right now that is based on simply being with my family and loved ones wherever I am at the time. What is your sense of community?

Asturian Diary

I was just sorting through memory cards full of photos that I have yet to organize or do anything with, when I came across this one. I took it on the 8th March at 8 am (The wonders of modern digital photography triumph over my innate forgetfulness.) That means I was on my way to the school bus stop with my son. The simply stunning morning light made me forget the usual morning scurry and sent me dashing back indoors for my camera. (Child abandoned on the street, swinging his rucksack in the air.) Sometimes the beauty of nature really does just stop you in your tracks.


Just as I was wondering how to catalogue this snap and musing on how I might use or share it somewhere, the daily prompt from WordPress popped up in my reader. Idyllic. It seemed perfectly in step with my response to this photo…

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