A Familiar Place, A New Feeling

One of my favorite places to fly into in this whole wide world is Denver, Colorado. And rightly so since it has been my home for the past twelve years, is where I have lived through many real and wonderful things, and a place where I have so many amazing and loving friends. Oh, and of course we cannot forget that it’s also because of how spectacularly beautiful it is with the Rocky Mountains forming that beautiful white-capped stony front-range set just behind the city of Denver. I love when I can see that view from an airplane.

Last night it was dark when I flew into Denver International Airport so I couldn’t see the mountains, but I saw the many white and yellow lights of the city and suburbs spread out in the dark. This time though, I felt different from other times when I have landed in Denver, when I have returned home. Home is a pretty subjective word for me now…subject to the fact that I feel inside of me like the whole world is my home. Either that or the travel bug I have is really spreading all throughout me and even into my brain and…perhaps even my heart? Yep, you bet it has.

It feels good to be back in Denver and even better to feel a new feeling…a feeling of being catapulted into the next part of my journey and my dream. Denver is my US home-base and Spain, my European home-base. This is what I am working towards. In the past, I would feel this sensation when returning to Denver, that I loved it so much that I didn’t want to leave for a while or be gone too much. That was a great place to be at that time and it truly anchored Denver into my heart as a wonderful home to have and return to from anywhere and after any amount of time.

This time though, I had a great feeling of peace that I can love Denver and enjoy it while desiring and being willing to leave again and be gone from it more. It’s also showing me that I need to open my eyes and heart to new things about Denver as my home….to perhaps look at it as I have looked at many of the fantastic places I got to visit for the first time within this year. There’s nothing like the sensation of discovery in one’s life, even where you call home and have lived for many years.

I’m excited to be back for a time and to enjoy Denver and all the wonderful people who are there. More than anything, I guess what it comes down to is seeing that it’s not Denver that has changed, but it’s me that has changed and grown. So watch out Denver….the Amalia of now is back in town.