Be My Next Local…In Europe and the Middle East!

For the next six months, I am living throughout Europe and the Middle East! That’s right…I am starting out the decade of my 30’s in the way that I want to see my life lived out for years to come: traveling up to half the year, or more, while having Denver, Colorado as my home-base. My trip is from March 28th – September 26th (and could be longer if the opportunities present themselves, so don’t be shy). Here is where you can come into a new picture, which I would absolutely love! If you live or will be living in or even visiting any of the areas I will be in during this time, consider joining forces with me to have a local experience. After all, have you ever found that when you have people visit you, it turns into the chance to experience things in your area that you otherwise don’t take advantage of and enjoy on a regular basis? I know that is certainly the case for me in Denver. What I’m outright asking for is an invitation to meet up with you for coffee, grab dinner, and/or (what would be most helpful for me and my budget) to have a couch or guest bed to crash on for a night or more. Show me around your town, welcome me into your family and culture, put me to work on your vineyard or farm, teach me about your history…this is my idea of traveling and I want to capture it in stories, to write about it so the experience is alive and shared long after I am gone.

Here’s a break-down of my plans thus far (and these plans are pretty flexible and made for spontaneity so bring on the last-minute):

  • March & April – Leave Denver March 28th and arrive in London on March 29th (looking for a place to stay and friends to meet up with in London center and the surrounding area)
  • April – Need to arrive in Milan, Italy by April 3rd to celebrate my birthday on April 4th with a precious Italian friend. There until April 13th
  • April – Head south after April 13th to tour Italy (my first time in Italy) and visit small towns, vineyards, Rome, and then Sicily
  • May – Head to Israel by beginning or mid-May for a couple of weeks or more
  • June – Jump back over to be in Europe (completely open here as to exactly where) and need to end up in London again by second week of June to meet up with my younger brother whose joining me for a bit of the adventure, so looking to enjoy some more London time here
  • June – Traverse back through Europe and head to Spain with a visit in the Netherlands somewhere in there (and possibly elsewhere, but that’s up to you)
  • End of June, July & August & September – home base out of Spain to travel around that beautiful country with a desire to visit Portugal and take back off into other parts of Europe for any offers that come my way (and again I say…you could have a part in that)

Get to know more about me and why I love living and traveling like this, by continuing to read below. Then contact me!

This year is another year of my lifestyle and approach to life, not a vacation. It makes me cringe when people hear about my upcoming travel plans and respond in awe that I can be rich enough at my age to travel for so long or to take such a long vacation…well be in awe no longer. Instead be uncomfortable, be very uncomfortable, because I am doing something that challenges what society can tend to say is stable and sensible. And for many people, it makes them squirm within themselves. All this makes me laugh!

I am not rich, far from it – I am not going on vacation, because I’ll still be working my toosh off while working for myself from wherever I am – I have priorities, and even responsibilities, that mean going without stuff and things that others think they need when they travel and if I insisted on having, would otherwise make this trip impossible. For example, I don’t even own a bed, much less a dresser. I love it! You should try it.

I’m someone who loves to travel because for me travel is about people and new experiences. I love people immensely and enjoy visiting a place by visiting people who live there. Whether they’re native or transplants, to me they’re locals because they live everyday life in that place. What kind of activities do I enjoy when I travel? Well, I love the outdoors (backpacking, hiking, camping) and the city (down-towns, dancing, old architecture, history) and overall, I’m easy-going. Some of my aspirations I want to achieve from this trip is to improve my Spanish-speaking skills, continue to conduct my social media management for current and new clients (, and write about my experiences as I travel (

If you resonate with what I’m doing and want to be a part of this experience as well, comment and reach back out to me. And promise me one thing…no assumptions. Even if you’re in an area I didn’t specifically write down, still recommend it cause I love detours. If you’re not able to offer a place to crash, that’s okay – recommend your favorite local inn or hostel or volunteer friends or family there (we’ll call it a surprise, as long as I know about it please). And of course, having company at a meal, to share coffee or go on a walk with, is sought after and always welcomed! If I can say so myself, I think I’m decent company so you could also have a good time. And yes, I’ve heard of Couch Surfing and yes, I’m signed up.

Thanks for reading and sharing this with others. I hope to meet you soon in your part of the world!